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You urgently need a trailer axle. If you haven’t found the right place to buy yet, check out the best quality axles at släpvagn axlar.

We sell all parts for trailers, including axles. In our catalog you can see the highest quality axles for trailers that we procure from exceptional and respected manufacturers.

Since there are a large number of axles, we have organized the catalog so that you can very easily find the axle model you need. Based on the type of trailer you select in the filters, the axles we offer for your trailer will also appear. If you still have problems finding the axle or if you have some questions that you need answers to, you can call us and we will solve every problem in a conversation.

Släpvagn Axlar

There are also universal or adjustable axles to suit any type of trailer. There are adjustable travel axles as well as adjustable brake axles. You can install these axles yourself very easily, because you don’t need technical knowledge for them.

We can also offer you an AL-KO axle for trailers, which has excellent quality at a very favorable price. We have a whole range of these axles consisting of different variants and sizes.

Variant trailers are specific, which is why they need a suitable axle. We offer you a large selection. It is up to you to know how much your cargo trailer can drive, what is the distance between the wheels and a few other details, so that you can buy the right axle. If you still can’t find your way in our online store, you can also call us to provide you with the help you need.

The trailer axle is the main element of your trailer, so we always try to make our delivery fast.

If you need an axle for your trailer, one click on släpvagn axle is enough. With us, you will certainly find a suitable axle for your trailer.